martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Colombo (iBreaks) on The RIPEcast!

As promised here's Colombo's (Breakspoll 2012 winner) EXCLUSIVE set for The Space Cowboys RIPEcast not to be shared to the masses for a few days.
A native of Malaga and formerly one half of the Breakspoll award-winning duo, BSD, Colombo wrote his first dance track in 1999 at the tender age of 17. Following stints with Reflex Musik, Starsing Records and Dubplate Records (2003 through 2007), the young Spanish producer joined forces with iBreaks in 2009 and quickly established himself as the label's brightest star. Today, we can safely say that nobody is making more noise in the world of breakbeat.On June 1st, Colombo will be making his first-and-only U.S. appearance right here in San Francisco at Public Works for Strategic's 4-year anniversary. Joining him on the bill is Space Cowboys' own, DJ Zach Moore. For more information on the Strategik 4-year Anniversary featuring Colombo, and to purchase tickets, visit

Colombo (iBreaks) on The RIPEcast! by The Space Cowboys

01.Colombo: Sodium (Unreleased - CDR)
02.Colombo: Your Dream Will Go (iBreaks)
03.Colombo: ska Punch (iBreaks)
04.Colombo: Drop da Beat (iBreaks)
05.Colombo: Hanss(on sale soon)(iBreaks)
06.Colombo: Keep You Dancing (on sale soon)(iBreaks)
07.Colombo: Clubbing (iBreaks)
08.Colombo: ClapYahHands! (iBreaks)
09.Colombo: Everybody (iBreaks)
10.Colombo: T.R.E.S. (Unreleased - Xclusive Live Action)
11.Colombo: The Scratch (Unreleased CDR)
12.Colombo: Pegy Lee: Why don't you do right (Colombo Remix) (Unreleased - Xclusive Live Action)">

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