domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Jason King - Ghetto Jam Mixtape #4 (Free Download)

  Jason King - Ghetto Jam Mixtape #4 (Free Download) by Bubaking
Jason King 33 and 1/3 mins Of Funk (Ghettojam Mixtape)
Jason of Bubaking serves up a straight-cut selection of choice Ghetto Jam flavas seasoned with his own Royale Re-Frys :)
1. Jason King - Ghettojam Intro
2. Eric B & Rakim vs Koan Sound - Paid In The Future (JK Royale Re-Fry)
3. Dads On Display vs Chemical Bros - Do You Galvanize Disco (JK Royale Re-Fry)
4. Father Funk - Speak Stomp
5. Dancefloor Outlaws vs Timbaland - Cop That Funk (JK Royale Re-Fry)
6. Krafty Kuts - Get Up & Dance
7. Beardyman - Beardy Funk (Kool Hertz Remix)
8. Basement Freaks - Mo Diggity
9. Chemical Bros vs Freestylers - In Dust We Push Up (JK Royale Re-Fry)
10. A.Skillz - Get Up (Sex Machine)
11. Jason King - Bronx On Broadway (Royale With Cheese VIP)
12. Breakbeat Junkie - Flip The Mink
13. Javier Morillas - Sugar-Free Style
14. Krafty Kuts Feat. Sporty-O - Good Time
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