domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Dark Soul - Promo Mix For Breakzlinkz December 2012

  Dark Soul - Promo Mix For Breakzlinkz December 2012 by breakzlinkz
Right this is a full Tear Out Breaks Mix like ya mama used to make, exclusively mixed for Breakzlinkz. The man from Spain Dark Soul is on the controls for this one ! Dark Soul is also the man behind the label Music Dark Records. Go check out his label with releases world wide and covering a variety of genres and featuring some of the better known artists around. He likes his tunes aggressive and forceful just like you will hear in this mix !
01.Backdraft - Revolution (Davip Remix)
02.Vazteria X - Krusty Krubs (DJ Hook Remix)
03.The Brainkiller - Cocaine (Shade K Remix)(No Edit)
04.The Brainkiller - Monkey Dance (Shade K Remix)(No Edit)
05.Javi R & Breakmassive - Street Fighter (Breakmassive Vip Míx)(No Edit)
06.A2C - The Grid (Original Mix)
07.Geon - Phantasmia (Colombo Remix)
08.Perfect Kombo & Mutantbreakz - Fat & Ugly (Original Mix)
09.Bad Taste - Take It (Shade K Remix)
10.A2C - Home Alome (Original Mix)
11.M.E.L.T. - Dirty Sex (Detach Remix)
12.MOKWAH - Supercell (Colombo Remix)
13.Refracture - Burn It Down (Original Mix)
14.The Rumblist - Tidy Up (Original Mix)
15.Control Z - The Tunnel (Shade K Remix)(No Edit)
16.The Prodigy - Out of Space (Shade K Remix)(No Edit)
17.AdrenalineZ - ¿?¿?¿? (Original Mix) (No Edit)
18.Perfect Kombo - Right Klass (Original Mix)
19.Strange Rollers - Expand (Original Mix)[MDR019]

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