sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

Pecoe - Nuskool Breaks Mix October

I recorded this mix back in the heyday of Nuskool Breaks. A peak time of some of the best and well known artists around at the time. A lot of the artists have come and gone but this really is a tribute to such a great time for the breaks scene. Fucked if i can remember the tracklist but i'm sure a few of you out there will recognise the tunes and what they stood for at that time. Recorded live and raw simply on 2 Technics and a mixer and probably and under the influence of drugs ..... it was over 10 years ago, damned if i can remember ! !

If any of you peeps out there remember a tune in the mix drop a comment in the timeline !


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  1. Oleeeeee por fin musicaaa de verdaddd.Graciasss

    1. gracias a ti por visitas el blog un saludo :)