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A Sound Defined 06 Wardian 2013

A Sound Defined 06 Wardian by Thirdlevel Track Listing:
1. Wardian - Fat Side
2. Breathing - The Brainkiller & V. Aparicio (Bootleg)
3. Wardian - Discotrunk
4. Blaster Plan - Pigs and Bitches
5. Wardian - Angels
6. Adrenalinez - Away
7. Sockdroid - Screws (Wardian VIP Mix)
8. Wardian - Fun Funk
9. The BrainKiller - Beyond
10. Alt-a - The Ripper
11. Bad Taste - You Rip
12. Stakvto - Provoleta
13. The Brainkiller - Sumerio (Wardian Remix)
14. Funndication - The

Funndark Bio:
Funndark Records is a label created from creative and original concept of breaks music,always thinking in make listening more funny and easy. Mixing the most weight grooves with fresh lines, funndark get a perfect feeling connections, at the same time taking great acceptance in break fans.

Funndark Records is always diferent, diferent proyects, diferent ideas, diferent sound,playing with the versatility of the music and imagination.

Wardian Bio:
Born in Málaga, Spain Wardian was immersed from a young age in blues music, Rock and Pop. At the young age of 12, his father bought him his first electric guitar. After a few years of learning Wardian joined a heavy metal group called Orion, and dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort to get gigs. After a number of years Wardian decided to take a solo route; starting to pay attention to electronic sounds and more specifically his interest was captivated by drum & bass. Listening to radio programs such as World Evasion, Wardian began to get involved and investigate more into breakbeats, and this led him to buy his first computer in 2000.
As Wardian was learning the techniques of turntables, he was filling his record crates with top vinyl from great artists of the time. Immersing himself into the breakbeat world, Wardian adeptly satisfied promoters which led him to play several music festivals, as well as several performances at nightclubs in Málaga. Not happy with the fact of mixing music of other artists and wanting to make his sets totally personal, Wardian decided to try to create his own tunes.
Initially his production software was the playstation. Then came Dance e-jay, later Reason and Ableton, and finally Wardian decided to work further with Fruity Loops. After a contest for young producers, Wardian remixed "Crazy" by "The Brainkiller," with which came a musical rapport that coincided in their own musical tastes. From this moment on, The Brainkiller deposited all his knowledge and support in Wardian, making him debug his technique and develop in production.
The production of his own themes began to prove a massive success, and Wardian then decided to send some demos to "Dj Rasco," representative of the Breaks scene in Spain, as well as introducer of the Tear Out movement in his country, and owner of the seal "Selecta Breaks." This alliance led to Wardian selling vinyl on the market.
The impact and acceptance of this artist was most-decisive after the launch of his first works in the stamps Selecta Breaks, Tortured Breaks, and Cyberdimension. Wardian began to come to light….
With interest from around the world for his current label, Funndark Records Wardian enjoys support from the likes of The Crystal Method, BBC Radio 1, Freq Nasty to name just a few.
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You can purchase any of the tunes from 'Funndark Records at Beatport.
Thanks again Wardian!!!
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