viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Deekline & Ed Solo - Bounce n Shake Album Mix 2013

  Bounce n Shake Album Mix by DJ Deekline
Deekline & Ed Solo step up with their debut LP, the insanely eclectic,
genre-defying, zeitgeist-defining Bounce 'N' Shake. Some albums are
for introspective listening, others for putting on in the background
while you do the housework or homework. This one is for dropping on
the turntables when you've just opened the doors on the hottest house
party in town and need to get the evening started with a boom.
Rifling through booty bass, jungle, soul, breaks, dubstep, drumstep
and drum 'n' bass with the kind of assurance one might expect from DJs
who have sent bodies flying round the room at club venues across the
globe for more than a decade, the UK production duo drop a no-nonsense
selection of bass music anthems to get your hands in the air as the
low-end frequencies move your derriere. This one is the very
definition of all killer, no filler: a boisterous, brazen and
occasionally barmy trip into the world according to Deekline & Ed
Solo. An antidote to chin-stroking hipster beats that are about as
likely to get anyone on the dancefloor as Jesus is to be elected the
next president of Switzerland.

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