viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

AudioPorn Podcast 003

  AudioPorn Podcast 003 by AudioPorn Records
Hosted by Mediks
Mediks step up to host this third installment of the AudioPorn Podcast series. Join Mediks as they take you through picks of their favorite bass music from the likes of Doctor P, Dirtyphonics, High Maintenance, Monsta, 501, Hybrid Minds, Zanetic, Dodge & Fuski and plenty more! Plus hear new and forthcoming AudioPorn dubs including the first listen to the next release out on AudioPorn. Get ready to be blown away by Mediks’ multi-genre masterpiece: ‘Fast Lane’ EP featuring collaborations with Texas, Messinian and Georgina Upton. AudioPorn Podcast is your first stop for all news AudioPorn, so make sure you’re always up to date by subscribing via iTunes, remember to leave us a comment and a star rating and don't forget it’s FREE TO DOWNLOAD!
1. Mediks - Fast Lane (Ft. Texas)
2. Dirtyphonics - Dirty (Metrik Remix)
3. Zanetic - Symmetry (Ft. Texas)
4. High Maintenance - Never Enough (ft. Katie’s Ambition)
5. Mediks - By A Thread (ft. Georgina Upton)
6. Napt & Peo De Pitte - Gonna Be Mine (Tantrum Desire Remix)
7. Monsta - Holdin On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
8. Hybrid Minds - Why
9. Mediks - So Cruel (Ft. Georgina Upton)
10. Mediks - Blown Away
11. Dodge & Fuski - Bad (ft. Messinian)
12. High Maintenance- Drop It
13. Mediks - Hulk
14. Dodge & Fuski - Got To Come Together
15. Insomatic - Wobblepunk
16. Doctor P - Keep On Dancing
17. Mayhem & Antiserum - Baytl dub
18. 501 - Chasing Stars
19. Xilent - Choose Me II
20. Mediks - Hands On That Ass (ft. Messinian)

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