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Breakz R Boss Exclusive Podcast #01 - Mixed By: Bass Charger

Breakz R Boss Exclusive Podcast #01 - Mixed By: Bass Charger by Breakz R Boss Records

01 - N.FilTr8 - Bring It Back (Dj Chaos Remix) - OUT NOW ON BEATPORT
02 - Kyle Cross - Thats The Way (DJ Chaos Remix) - OUT NOW ON BEATPORT
03 - Metachemical - All The Things (KL2 Remix) - OUT NOW ON BEATPORT
04 - KL2 - Vox Trick (Original Mix) - [*Forthcoming on Breakz R Boss]
05 - WardiaN - Black Roses (Original) - [*Forthcoming on Breakz R Boss]
06 - Kyle Cross - Change Up (KL2 Vocal Breaks Edit) - (White)
07 - Somsay - Government Lies Ft Ric Rags (Ash Howell Remix) - [*Forthcoming on Breakz R Boss]
08 - Scratche - Good Timing (Steve Velocity Remix) - OUT NOW ON BEATPORT
09 - Kyle Cross - Hold On Ft MC Kyla (Fisso & Spark Remix) - EXCLUSIVE ON BEATPORT NOW
10 - Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Numero Neuf (2012 Original Mix) - [*Forthcoming on Breakz R Boss]
Breakz R Boss Exclusive Podcast #01 - Mixed By: Bass Charger

Podcast #01 - Mixed Bv: Bass Charger features music By DJ Chaos, Steve Velocity, Fisso & Spark + includes unreleased tracks by: KL2, Wardian, Ash Howell & Mr. Bassline Junk-E.

*Unreleased tracks Forthcoming on Breakz R Boss.

(Calgary, Alberta Canada)
Bass Charger
From Calgary, Alberta, this up and coming Canadian Breaks dj/producer has a love for Bass Culture like no other. Coming from a small town where music had limitations, he grew up on hip hop.. but underneath it all was a yearning for something funky, dirty and broken. After being introduced to the rave scene in his early 20's, he soon found himself overtaken by the world of breaks. With his love for the music, he started Breakz R Boss Productions alongside brother Mr.Bassline Junk-E. Studying electronic music and its culture for years, 2008 brought new motivation as he created the "Calgary Bass Junkies", an affiliation of local producers. 2010 only has good things in store, with the launch of Breakz R Boss Records, a new digital label showcasing the finest Canadian and International bass music.

|| Breakz R Boss Records (Canada) ||
Breakz R Boss is a fresh new Canadian Label featuring the sounds of Breakz, Electro, Dnb and Dubstep. The newest Canadian Breaks label. Founded/owned by Bass Charger in early 2010 & Already gracing all Major Top 100 Breakbeats Charts. (Beatport, TID, Juno) & Nominated for 'Best new Label' @ Breakpsoll 2012. Breakz R Boss thrives on being a large portion of Canadian Breakbeat producers, mixed with international talent such as Rebel Sketchy, Lady Packa, Vize, F-Word, Adam Faz, Manu Twister, Toy Quantize, Ral of Dubsidia, Youthful Implants, Nursery of Naughtiness, Wardian, Eddie Voyager & Breaking News. All the best in breakbeats sounds from Canada and across the world. Helping put Canadian Breaks on the map!

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